Bangor Swimmer Ferguson Kicks off Big Day for Irish Sport

When you’re eighteen, Sunday mornings are one of those beautiful little treats that life bestows on the young.

Barring any religious adherences, it is a time to recuperate, roll over for another half hour – hour even – in the full knowledge that nothing really happens in the world on the Sabbath until at least lunchtime.

Well not for Conor Ferguson.

Before most of us had even reached for the alarm this morning, the Bangor teenager had secured his place in the 100m Backstroke event at the European Championships in Glasgow.

The 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games Gold Medallist, qualified in a time of 54.61 seconds and will race for a place in the final alongside teammate Shane Ryan at half five this evening.

Ryan, the Pennsylvanian born 24-year-old, who only declared for Ireland before the Olympics in 2016, scooped the Bronze Medal in the 50m Backstroke Final last night.

Positive start to what might be one of the biggest days in Irish sporting history.

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