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Limavady Fan Hits the Roof As Confusion Reigns Over Cup Gate Prices

OK, so we don’t know for sure about this daredevil, but plenty of fans were left grumbling about the lack of singular pricing strategy at Irish Cup game’s this weekend…!!!

Ah, would you look at that! Whatever happened to the good old days, when a man could stand on the roof of his castle, take in a sporting event and no one bat an eyelid, eh?

Yes, we may have all become a little politically correct and, frustratingly, health and safety obsessed, since the dawn of the twenty-first century. But, as this photo captured at the Limavady Showgrounds on Saturday, and posted by The Score NI suggests, plenty of us will still go a fair way to dodge the few pound in at the gate.

And whilst all taken light-heartedly on the surface, a quick dip into the comments, and frustration at admission to Saturday’s ties is quick to show itself.

Interesting that Limavady United priced up their home tie with Larne Tech Old Boys, of the Northern Amateur League, at £7 for adults and £4 for kids – meh, usually the kids go free, but given the opportunity for the clubs to make a bit of money, most people could live with that.

But why, on Cup day, can the IFA not step in and set a standardised fare, akin to what has been put in place in the Danske Bank Premiership?

At least some Linfield fans seem unamused at having to fork out the normal league price of £11 at Windsor Park to watch their side in action against Championship side Ballyclare Comrades at the weekend.

Disgruntlement, too, amongst a handful of Cliftonville fans who’ve been in touch, having been forced to pay the same at Solitude, as their side crashed out to Dungannon. Then again, given the Reds current run of form, I’d be up in arms at having to pay anything at the minute.

From standing amongst the Distillery faithful at The Dub for the early kick-off against Queen’s on Saturday, many couldn’t believe the £8 being charged at the gate for what was essentially two Premier Intermediate sides facing-off.

Many of course, took to the bank at the Upper Malone complex, enjoying perfect views of the play without paying a dime.

The issue of fair pricing, is not, of course, an exclusive problem within local soccer. Patrons at Glenavy yesterday for the Dr McKenna Cup clash between Antrim and Armagh, could tell you a fair bit about feeling short-changed, having to fork out a staggering £9 a head for what is a pre-season exhibition match.

And whilst there will always be those who’d rather chance the arm and not part with cash where they can, surely a fair admission strategy, on fifth round day, where the smaller clubs do get a bit of exposure, would promote more people turning up at the gate?

Keep it right lads….

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